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Professional Services (83)

  • VisaInChina

    5169 9039
    Rm 820, 555 Wuding Lu, near Shaanxi Bei Lu
    武定路555号820室, 近陕西北路

    球探即时指数based in shanghai since 2001, visainchina.com is a chinese visa service offering english, chinese and japanese-language service. not only do they provide visa services, they also provide china police clearance service, legal consulting and expat health insurance.

  • Passion Consulting

    150 0098 2101
    5F, Building K, 26, Lane 168, Daduhe Lu, near Yunling Dong Lu
    大渡河路168弄26号北岸长风K栋5楼, 近云岭东路

    passion consulting is a china-based consulting firm with a focus on company incorporation, accounting, work visa application, taxation services. they offer english-speaking service.

  • InnTech IT Services

    6115 6398
    777 Zhongshan Nan Lu, near Dong'an Lu
    中山南二路777号, 近东安路

    InnTech is a team of Western and local Chinese IT professionals with more than 15 year experience, offering IT Products and IT services to multi-national Companies and expats in China. InnTech has customized solutions for multi-national firms, such as SNO Global...

  • MS Advisory

    6352 0167
    Room A, 21F East Building, 668 Beijing Dong Lu, near Fujian Zhong Lu
    北京东路668号东楼21楼, 近福建中路

    MS Advisory is a financial advisory firm based in China, which is part of Moore Belgium and a member of the Moore International Network. They provide foreign enterprises across all provinces of mainland China and...

  • LAB- Life Advisory Board

    136 3654 4726
    23B, Yupin Dasha, 969 Beijing Xi Lu, near Nanhui Lu
    北京西路969号御品大厦23B, 近南汇路

    A private consultation company specializing in individual coaching and psychotherapy, couples psychotherapy in Shanghai, family counseling and corporate business solutions. The methods they use are: cognitive...

  • DayTranslations

    99 Xianxia Lu, near Ziyun Xi Lu
    仙霞路99号, 近紫云西路

    the only translation company in shanghai that’s available 24/7 to provide solutions in all languages.

  • LINC Sourcing

    Rm 601, Tower one, 218 Tianmuxi Lu, near Gonghe Lu
    天目西路218号一号楼601室, 近共和路

    LINC Sourcing is based in Europe with its head office situated in Sweden, but it also has offices in China, Spain, the UK, and Italy. They also have a stable network of more than 100 quality suppliers from all...

  • Nihub

    0571 8662 8753
    14F Lianhui Lu, Binjiang District, Hangzhou

    Nihub is a Hangzhou-based consultancy offering support to foreign entrepreneurs and tech companies entering the Chinese market, also providing consulting services in Shanghai. Assistance comes primarily...

  • Stone Compass Associates

    138 1742 1445 
    5F Jiafa Mansion, 129 Datian Lu

    Stone Compass Associates are an independent Canada-based accounting and business-driven consultancy offering corporate advisory and accounting services to clients currently operating...

  • Talent Fishers

    5465 8635
    2/F, 175 Xiangyang Nan Lu, near Fuxing Zhong Lu
    襄阳南路175号2楼, 近复兴中路

    Talent Fishers is a boutique recruitment and headhunting firm specialized on the needs of foreign companies...

  • DuPont

    2892 1002
    600 Cailun Lu, near Aidisheng Lu
    蔡伦路600号, 近爱迪生路

    球探即时指数dupont's community of scientists, engineers, visionaries and all of their partners are working with science and innovation to bring solutions for their clients in different industries.

  • Dragon Sourcing

    6141 3955
    Rm1502, 998 Rinmin Lu, near Huiji Lu
    人民路998号1502室, 近会稽路

    球探即时指数dragon sourcing is an international sourcing and procurement service provider that offers sourcing services from emerging markets like china and vietnam.

    It is one of the largest sourcing companies on our...

  • Moment Visa

    5G, Jiafa Bldg A, 129 Datian Lu, near Beijing Xi Lu
    大田路129号 嘉发大厦A栋5G室, 近北京西路

    momentvisa is a consulting company that assists foreigners in getting work permits and residence visas in shanghai. service languages include english, japanese, korean and russian.  

  • Shaping Path

    No office in Shanghai but you can connect with founder directly.

    shaping paths is a boutique training company based in china and the uk.

  • Langlocal Translation

    5268 3090
    Rm111, 728 Xinhua Lu, near Kaixuan Lu
    新华路728号一楼111室, 近凯旋路

    Langlocal Translation is headquartered in Shanghai, China, and provides professional translation and interpretation services to clients around the world from our base in the Pearl Delta. They specialize in...

  • VISA Shanghai

    4008 060 656
    Rm 708, 680 Zhaojiabang Lu, near Dong'an Lu
    肇嘉浜路680号708室, 近东安路

    visa shanghai is a china-based visa agency. they will also help you get a chinese driver’s license. notable clients include bmw, sany, brunel and danone.

  • Hexagone Capital

    20F, HRKI Tai Koo Hui, 281 Shimen Yi Lu, near Dagu Lu
    石门一路281号21楼, 近大沽路

    球探即时指数a financial advisory consulting company from france that has both offices in paris and shanghai. their specialization is wealth management and real estate finance.

  • RGF Professional Recruitment

    6103 6286
    12/F, 8 Huaihai Zhong Lu, near Liulin Lu
    淮海中路8号12楼, 近柳林路

    RGF provides comprehensive HR and talent acquisition services which include retained and contingency...

  • Korn Ferry

    2230 9688
    21/F, Link Square 1, 222 Hubin Lu, near Songshan Lu
    湖滨路222号一号楼21层, 近嵩山路

    Korn Ferry is an American company specializing in recruitment solutions. They offer customized and flexible...

  • Shanghai HengYu Consulting

    137 6162 2937
    Room 539, 575 Yuyao Road

    Hengyu provides foreign companies with services including financial advice, company registration and legal consulting, as well as consulting on government fiscal policies. Quotation lists are clear and the company...

  • Ecovis Shanghai

    6105 7333
    Unit 302, Lujiazui Fund Tower 1528 Century Ave Near Fushan Lu

    Ecovis Shanghai is a German consulting firm with offices in Africa, Asia, Europe and America specializing in auditing, accounting, and taxation and legal consulting, with a focus on providing consulting services to...

  • Morgan Mckinley

    ​2287 3000
    Suite 6106, Tower 1, 1266 Nanjing Xi Lu, near Shaanxi Bei Lu
    南京西路1266号1号楼6106, 近陕西北路

    Morgan McKinley Shanghai specialises in Banking & Financial Services, Finance & Accounting, IT,...

  • 球探即时指数at kearney is a partner-owned global management consulting firm with offices in over 40 countries. focuses include analysis, digital and innovation marketing.

  • CanCan看看™


    cancankankan™ is a cloud-based financial data processing and reporting software available on both desktop and mobile, able to simultaneously host data from multiple entities.

  • EgonZehnder

    2401 8200
    1-3/F, 8 Gao'An Lu, near Huaihai Zhong Lu,
    高安路8号1-3层, 近淮海中路

    球探即时指数egon zehnder is an advisory firm providing board advisory services, ceo search and succession, executive search, executive assessment, leadership development, and organizational transformation. 

  • RTF

    6045 0886
    Room 3107, 161 Lujiazui Dong Lu

    RTF helps foreign-invested enterprises to enter China and choose the business district, development zone or industrial park most suitable for business development. Moreover, RTF assists in the implementation of,...

  • Keen Sourcing

    5981 0359
    Rm1103, 55 Qianshao Lu, near Dongchuan Gong Lu
    前哨路55号1103室, 近东川公路

    Keen Sourcing is dedicated to help small business and Amazon seller to source products from China. They do NOT charge any commission from suppliers. Keen Sourcing established offices in Ningbo, Shenzhen,...

  • Links International

    5368 0000
    3/F, 233 Taicang Lu, near Madang Lu
    太仓路233号3层, 近马当路

    Links International is a human resources outsourcing service provider and recruitment agency, specialised in...

  • LSL Consultancy

    168 Anfu Lu, near Wulumuqi Zhong Lu
    安福路168号, 近乌鲁木齐中路

    Established in 2005, LSL is a boutique management consulting firm with extensive experience delivering professional and personalized consultation, coaching and training programs throughout the globe....


    Rm1007, 728 Xinhua Lu, near Kaixuan Lu
    新华路728号1007室, 近凯旋路

    球探即时指数shanghai lits mainly exports china ceramic bearings, plastic bearings and so on. lits bearings have been exported to not only japan but many other countries and regions as well. 

  • Olivar & Greb Capital Management

    131 2206 9291
    Suite 13L, 728 Yan'An West Lu Near Jiangsu Lu

    Olivar & Greb Capital Management is a Shanghai-based investment management firm registered with the US Securities and Exchange Commission, offering consulting for individuals as well as for nonprofit...

  • Shanghai Zixiao Financial Consulting

    138 1637 9136
    Room 1012 Building C 526 Nianjiabang Road

    shanghai zixiao financial consulting co., ltd is a chinese provider of accounting and financial advice to foreign start-ups in shanghai.

  • Morgan Philips Executive Search

    3103 2298
    Xintiandi Plaza, 11/F, 333 Huaihai Zhong Lu, near Huangpi Nan Lu
    淮海中路333号新天地广场11层, 近黄陂南路

    Morgan Philips Executive Search, a division of Morgan Philips Group, specializes in the recruitment of...

  • IM-Visa

    6110 1981 / 138 0199 2168 (Emergency)
    5/F, 1990 Longyang Lu, near Baiyang Lu
    龙阳路1990号5楼, 近白杨路

    im-visa is a shanghai-based china visa agency and business consulting company. they also provide relevant hr and administration services.

  • Xinhai International Customs Brokerage Group

    3538 3151
    5F, 1000 Pingliang Lu, near Lanzhou Lu
    平凉路1000号5楼, 近兰州路

    With more than 1,000 employees, with at least 100 managers with master degrees, including about 300 certified customs declarers and about 100 certified CIQ declarers, Shanghai Xinhai Customs Brokerage Co.,...

  • Rosetta Translation Shanghai

    6467 6917
    175 Xiangyang Nan Lu, near Shaanxi Nan Lu
    襄阳南路175号, 近陕西南路

    Rosetta Translation Shanghai specializes in the translation of business documents across all major world languages. Their regular corporate translation and interpreting clients include many global law...

  • OPSS

    800 819 8688
    No.6, 930 Xiangyin Lu, near Zhonghuan Lu
    翔殷路930弄6号, 近中环路

    opss has over 2,500 trained security guards and they not only provides service in shanghai but also jiangsu area.

  • Bexuco

    3355 2128
    1343, 13/F, Heng Seng Bank Tower 1000 Lujiazui Ring Road Near Yincheng Middle Lu

    Bexuco is an international Mid-Market M&A advisory firm and the largest M&A service provider in Asia, with a focus on cross-border M&A and international offices in Germany, Italy, and South East Asia....

  • WOFEchina.com

    185 1632 9606
    Greenland Center, 12F 500 Yunjin Lu, near Longlan Lu

    球探即时指数wofechina.com provides expertise on how to start a wofe in greater china, as well as how to run it and avoid risks.

  • Orlocity China VISA & Business Services

    131 2201 9203
    289 Wujin Lu, near Sichuan Bei Lu
    武进路289号, 近四川北路

    球探即时指数orlocity china visa & business services is a shanghai-based agency providing support to businesses looking to expand in the chinese market.

  • Monroe Consulting Group

    3112 7090
    4/F, 700 Yan'An Dong Lu, near Xizang Zhong Lu
    延安东路700号4层, 近西藏中路

    Originally established as IntelligenceHR and later rebranded to Monroe Consulting Group, Monroe specializes...

  • INS Global

    6045 2377
    3/F, Bldg 2, 555 Haifang Lu, near Xikang Lu
    海防路555弄2号楼3楼, 近西康路

    ins global is a hr related solution for foreign companies seeking to expand their business in asia-pacific. they also have offices in taiwan, hong kong, dubai, japan, singapore and etc.

  • Corporation China

    5102 1891
    35/F, 580 Nanjing Xi Lu, near Chengdu Bei Lu
    南京西路580号35楼, 近成都北路

    corporation china is a china-based consulting firm focusing on company formation and china incorporation, with a particular focus on the food and beverage industry.  

  • New Horizons Global Partners

    130 2329 1817
    5/F, 1376 Nanjing Xi Lu, near Xikang Lu
    南京西路1376号5楼, 近西康路

    New Horizons Global Partners is a PEO (Professional Employment Organization) and employer of records, partnering with foreign companies to enable businesses to recruit and hire in China. They also specialize in...

  • Masson de Morfontaine

    29F 1515 Nanjing Xi Road

    Masson de Morfontaine specializes in international taxation and corporate services, based in Hong Kong and Shanghai. Their tax and business advisory team offers consulting services in English, Mandarin,...

  • FTI Consulting

    2315 1000
    Unit 2101-04, Central Plaza 227 Huangpi North Lu Near Renmin Ave
    黄陂北路227号2101-04室, 近人民大道

    球探即时指数fti consulting is a u.s. consulting firm specializing in compliance, governance, investigations, litigation, mergers and acquisitions, regulatory issues, reputation management and risk.

  • Shanghai Intellin Translation Company

    156 1862 8760
    570 Shengxia Lu, near Yijiang Lu
    盛夏路570弄, 近益江路

    a professional translation companies that could provide services for 90+ languages since 2009. 

  • Teaching Nomad

    8025 3905
    Suite 2501, 2000 Zhongshan Bei Lu, near Zhenping Lu
    中山北路2000号2501室, 近镇坪路

    A private, American owned and operated teacher placement recruitment company with offices in Denver, Colorado & Shanghai, China. Their specialization is foreign teacher placement in greater Asia with the...

  • E-HENG

    6339 2568
    Rm 1501-1512, 61 Nanjing Dong Lu, near Zhongshan Dong Yi Lu
    南京东路61号1501-1512室, 近中山东一路

    E-HENG is an agency in Shanghai assisting corporations in their global sales, resources, logistics and Import & Export needs. As a corporate member of British, Italian, Australian and Canadian Chambers of...

  • Brunswick Group

    6039 6388
    Room 2907, United Plaza 1468 Nan Jing Lu Near Changde Lu

    brunswick is a strategic advisory firm with 23 offices in 14 countries, advising on issues relating to business, politics and society.

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