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  • Double Jump

    • Address
      880 Jiangyang Nan Lu, near Baode Lu
      江杨南路880号新杨湾D3, 近保德路
    • Phone
      3158 3718

    Located in the D3 area of New Yangwan Science Park, Double jump Trampoline Park covers an area of more than 1800 square meters, including a regular trampoline area, trampoline basketball area, bubble football area, children's building blocks castle area, 10-meter... Read more球探即时指数

  • Shanghai Botanical Gardens

    • Address
      947 Longwu Lu, near Baise Lu
      龙吴路947号, 近百色路
    • Phone
      6451 3369

    The Shanghai Botanical Gardens cover over 200 acres (81 hectares) and are home to a variety of flora and fauna including a collection of spectacular orchids. Tickets are 15rmb unless you're interested in the Bonsai Garden in which case you'll have to pay extra. Read more球探即时指数

  • Shanghai Chenshan Botanical Gardens

    • Address
      3888 Chenhua Lu, near Chenta Lu
      辰花路3888号, 近辰塔路
    • Phone

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  • Gucun Park

    • Address
      4788 Hutai Lu, near Huandao Lu
      沪太路4788号, 近环岛路
    • Phone
      5604 5199

    Gucun Park is a large park up north in Baoshan Qu, with its own metro station on Line 7. Take Exit Two. The space gets really busy on the weekends, with families enjoying the lake, flying kites on the green space, and riding roller coasters. Watch out for the... Read more球探即时指数

  • Jing'an Sculpture Park

    • Address
      128 Shimen Er Lu, near Beijing Xi Lu
      石门二路128号, 近北京西路
    • Phone
      5228 9562

    Beautiful, family-friendly park in north Jing'an. The park is full of art and statues, some of which rotate throughout the year to make room for the work of international artists. There is only one green space to run around and sit on, and usually the security guards... Read more球探即时指数

  • Decathlon Sports Store (Changning)

    • Address
      88 Xianxia Xi Lu, near Jianhe Lu
      仙霞西路88号, 近剑河路
    • Phone
      6238 5511

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  • Century Park

    • Address
      809 Huamu Lu, near Haitong Lu
      花木路809号, 近海桐路
    • Phone
      3876 0588

    If you want to visit a big park without traveling one or two hours, Century Park is the one. Fine landscaping, beautiful flowers, a massive lake, and tons of green spaces to lie down on, play frisbee, or whatever. You can also rent tandem bicycles or sightseeing... Read more球探即时指数

  • Oriental Land

    • Address
      6888 Qingping Gonglu, near Fuxing Lu
      沪清平公路6888号, 近复兴路
    • Phone
      5923 3000

    Massive (373 hectare) park/garden/theme park nearly halfway to Suzhou, at the very end of Line 17, right next to Diantian Lake. The south gate is about two minutes from the station. Apart from the odd bits of nonsense aesthetic drizzled around, it's got your standard... Read more

  • Shanghai Zoo

    • Address
      2381 Hongqiao Lu, near Yingbin Yi Lu
      虹桥路2381号上海动物园, 近迎宾一路
    • Phone
      6268 7775

    Shanghai Zoo was once named Xijiao Park when it was built in 1954. It is the second largest city zoos of China, the home of over 6,000 animals, including pandas, Yangtze alligators and other rare breeds. Conditions are... let's say they're not exactly world-class. In... Read more球探即时指数

  • Shanghai Sculpture Park

    • Address
      1158 Linyin Xin Lu, near Jiasong Nan Lu
      林荫新路1158号, 近嘉松南路
    • Phone

    Huge, beautiful park in the hills of Songjiang in Shanghai's southwest suburbs. It's a family-friendly, dog-friendly kind of place where you can walk around for a few hours, take selfies with interesting / eccentric statues, ride boats around the lake, and lay out on... Read more

  • Jinshan City Sand Beach

    • Address
      7555 Huhang Gonglu, near Mengshan Lu
    • Phone

    Shanghai has a beach! And it's way out in Jinshan on "line 22" which actually isn't a line at all, it's a bullet train. You can use your metro card though, and you don't need your passport. Tickets down there cost 10rmb, then entry to the beach area itself during... Read more

  • Shanghai Wild Animal Park

    • Address
      178 Nan Liu Gong Lu, near Xiayan Gong Lu
      南六公路178号, 近下盐公路
    • Phone
      6118 0000

    Tourists wanting to get outside the city can make the 22 mile trip to the Shanghai Wild Animal Park, Southwest of the Airport off the S32 Highway. The park features over 200 species and two different options for viewing them. Visitors can walk through the exhibits... Read more

  • Puppy Cubby Cafe

    • Address
      382 Shaanxi Nan Lu, near Fuxing Zhong Lu
      陕西南路382号, 近复兴中路
    • Phone
      186 1659 0779 (Eng) / 158 2198 1273 (中文)

    Puppy Cubby Café is one of (possibly the) best puppy cafes in Shanghai, built by dog lovers, for dog lovers. It hews close to the Japanese progenitors of the genre; clean, relaxing, and humane. The name is less about age and more about the size of the dogs; it's home... Read more

  • Zhongshan Park

    • Address
      780 Changning Lu, near Dingxi Lu
      长宁路780号, 近定西路
    • Phone
      6252 5225

    This park in Changning is so big, it has its own metro station. Great place for families to come fly kites on the weekends, paddle around in boats, and lay out on the grass. Place is full of elderly folk doing tai chi and sword fighting in the mornings, and people... Read more球探即时指数

  • Orden Bowling Centre

    • Address
      10 Hengshan Lu, near Gao'an Lu
      衡山路10号 近高安路
    • Phone
      6474 6666

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  • LilaLicht 3D Blacklight Minigolf

    • Address
      3/F, The Hub, 688 Shenchang Lu, near Zhouhong Lu
      申长路688号虹桥天地购物中心3楼, 近舟虹路
    • Phone
      138 1826 3924

    Mini golf madness. Glowing, air-conditioned, ultraviolet-lit rooms, covered in intense colors and artworks, their 3D glasses transform a game of mini golf into kind of an acid trip; balls appear to hover above the ground, animals and characters come to life, and as... Read more

  • Gongqing Forest Park

    • Address
      2000 Jungong Lu, near Nenjiang lu,
      军工路2000号, 近嫩江路
    • Phone
      6574 0586

    Though a bit far from downtown, Gongqing Park is a wooded wonderland split into a north and south portion. The northern section is the much larger "Forest Park," with little roller coasters, rock climbing, go-karting, horseback riding, space for outdoor BBQs, and... Read more

  • Daning Lingshi Park

    • Address
      288 Guangzhong Xi Lu, near Wanrong Lu
      广中西路288号, 近万荣路
    • Phone
      6652 3698

    This large park on the north side near Shanghai Circus World has a human-made beach (you can't swim here) and lake where people play, fish, and take wedding pictures, and ample green space for flying kites or running around. Lots of elderly photographers chill here... Read more

  • Golden Gloves (Wuding Lu)

    • Address
      4/F, Huaqi Building 969 Wuding Lu, near Jiaozhou Lu
      武定路969号华棋大厦4楼, 近胶州路
    • Phone
      6733 7257

    Golden Gloves opened their new location in October, featuring a space several times bigger than their previous spot on Xiaoqiao Lu. The gym was originally founded in 2012 by Shane Benis and Alfonso Cuadra. Benis is also behind White Collar Boxing and Brawl on the... Read more球探即时指数

  • Sheshan National Forest Park

    • Address
      9258 Waiqingsong Gong Lu, near Shebei Gonglu
      外青松公路9258号, 近佘北公路
    • Phone

    Read more球探即时指数

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